Thursday, December 6, 2007

Luke's Singapore Vaycay

When Luke heard his parent's were going out of town, he decided he'd take advantage of their absence. Rather than throwing a house party/kegger like most normal two-year-olds, he decided to spend a night on the town in The Republic of Singapore. It wasn't all he thought it'd be. The night clubs were seedy, and law enforcement is always trying to catch a tourist being unlawful. Singapore cuisine and not being potty trained is never a good combination. The jet lag, along with staying up so much later than 8 p.m. taxed his stamina. There was also an incident at the airport involving some sort of contraband, but Luke was reluctant to get into details. Luckily, Uncle Chaddy was there to bail him out of federal custody. I promised to keep it on the down low, if he was a good boy for the remainder of my baby sitting stint.

(I just learned a few more editing tips in Photoshop.)


Laura Blue said...

so did you use photoshop for this pic? i would love to take the time... sometime... to learn how to do that sort of thing. turned out good. hi luke! ;)

kk said...

I just laughed so hard!